1. Grandad’s Birthday

  2. DH’s Birthday!!


  3. The Happiness Project 2014

    The Happiness Project 2014

    I’ve been struggling with this image for a year or so, I think because I have never drawn a face as beautiful as this under the guidance of an american artist, Suzi Blu. It was the first thing I did in a new journal, so it was a shame that I felt I couldn’t continue to use the rest of the journal, until I had finished this one! Anxiety had built up about it but recently I’ve had a small operation…

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  5. A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park

    The same day I did the Stockport Mile for Sport Relief, I had a walk around the park too.

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  6. Lovely flowers & cards! Thank you to Andrew, Jenny, Stephen, Ben, Corran & Aubrey! 👨👩👨👱👱👶

  7. Thank you for the card & flowers Andrew! I am a happy mother with a gorgeous son!!! 😃


  8. My performance of Alkan’s offensively difficult opening movement from his Grande Sonate, depicting someone in his 20s (on crack?). Alkan was the only pianist Liszt was scared to play in front of. Can’t imagine why…

  9. Got back home 9:10pm last night. Very sore, but otherwise OK! Ready for a rest day! 😃


  10. Sport Relief

    Today was the day! I managed to do the mile for sport relief even though I must have walked over a mile looking for the track! The maps weren’t much use as they didn’t have a ‘you are here’ pointer! Eventually, some girls asked me the way. and as I didn’t know, we decided to get lost together! We saw someone else dressed in red gear and followed them in the end and finally reached the running…

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